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Summer Decorating Tricks and Inspirations

by Home Heart Strings

Summer is a season of warmth and sun, when our minds turn to thoughts of vacation, of beaches and cabins and clear rushing water. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to take off and spend the whole summer lounging around the waves. However what you can do is make a few decorative changes to your home which will invite the summer season in, instilling the house with a sense of festivity and relaxation which will help to make every day a bit of a vacation.

The main component of summer decorating is color. This season is marked by light, airy hues, and pastel colors, which instill spaces with a sense of warmth and glowing color, that mimics the bright and light of the world beyond. By replacing darker pieces with those featuring sun kissed colors, you can help to draw the season in and spread it to every room in the house.

You should try to avoid busy, heavily patterned pieces, which are going to create a feeling of chaos and disorder in the home. Instead opt for soothing patterns and designs, featuring just one or two soft colors, flowing congruous with the other hues in the room. This will help you to promote the feeling of relaxed vacation in your spaces.

The first thing you should do is go through the house and look at any accessories or furnishings that feature dark colors or thick, warm, heavy materials. Some pieces will be easier to store and or replace than others, and you generally want to start with the smallest, lightest items you can. Things such as pillows, curtains, and even rugs can all be exchanged for lighter, summer themed pieces, in order to dress your décor from the details up. In some cases a cover will work as effectively as buying a new piece. Furniture covers can dress larger pieces, while pillow cases can be used on smaller accessories.

If you are looking to make a more dramatic change then you may want to consider paint. A new summery wall color can do a lot to change the atmosphere of an interior space. Even if you just touch them up with the same color, a fresh coat of paint can still do a lot to breath new life into a room. Just be sure to check the colors that you choose against the light in the room using paint chips before committing your brushes to the bucket.

Paint can also be used to dress individual accessories with lighter summer hues. Bookshelves, cupboards, and even cabinets can all be given a fresh coat of paint to liven up the look of a room. Try to focus on white, off white, and light colors that will add a sense of energy to the space.

Another great way to celebrate the season with decorative touches is to bring plants into your home. You can get elaborate with floral arrangements, or just fill your shelves and line your walls with a variety of tropical or leafy plants. If you aren’t good at caring for living vegetation then you can achieve a similar effect with plastic pieces, which will mimic the colors of the natural world without requiring the time and effort to keep them healthy.




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This article was provided courtesy of MosaicStoneTables – an American based manufacturer of natural outdoor stone tables which are produced with exquisite quality and are crafted to be able to withstand any exterior location. The author of this article is designer and artist Joey Pebble.



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