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Order Your Groceries Online

by Home Heart Strings

Order Your Groceries Online

Ordering groceries couldn’t be easier! Select pickup or delivery to start shopping!

Order Your Groceries Online from Harris Teeter Express Lane. Spend quality time this holiday season with your family and let Harris Teeter do your grocery shopping. Your time is valuable, online shopping can make your life simpler and more efficient.

Harris Teeter’s Express Lane is here to make your life simpler and more efficient.

Time-Saving Tips: Express Lane can save you up to 2 hours per trip each week; your time is valuable, let us make your life simpler and more efficient.

Don’t have time to do your grocery shopping this week? No problem! Use those extra minutes from that early ending meeting and order your groceries online. We’ve designed a system that’s quick and easy from ordering to pick up.

Grocery Shopping: Do you love the convenience of online shopping? The newest trend in Grocery Shopping is here to make your life simpler and more efficient. Try the Express Lane at one of our convenient locations today.

Our personal shoppers are trained to select the best products for you and your family, just as you would.

Meal Planning: Meal planning made simple, just add all the ingredients for your weekly meals to your virtual cart! We’ll take care of picking and packing for you. Order, pick up, drive home.



Totally RecipesI’m doing something new and different.  I’m posting an offer for my 8,000 Recipes Ebook Collection. But instead of me setting the price for this special deal, I’m leaving it to you to pay me what you want or what you think it’s worth.

My reason for this?  Well, it’s like this – hubby has to go to the doctor on the 27th and frankly, we are flat broke – as in $2 and some change in the bank. Due to some unexpected expenses this month, medical and such… well, here we are. The doctor visit is about a 90 mile round trip. We don’t get paid until the 29th or 30th.  So, in a nut shell, we are broke.  I work at home but I don’t get paid until the middle and end of next month. So, although we have money coming, it’s not in our hands.

So, that said, I am trying this. Here’s how it works:  The download link below is a direct link to the entire recipe collection in one zip file.  To be honest, you can download it and I will never know it. You can share it and tell others and they can download it and I will never know it. If you see it to send something for the recipe collection, you go to the Pay me what you think it’s worth link and put in the amount you want. You will need a PayPal account to do that. To see what’s in the recipes collection, go to the link that says see the recipe books. At that link, you will also see that the set usually sells for $19.97 and from there you can also order if you wish. That link also allows a person to pay with a credit card and not just PayPal. If you order from that link, you can still download from the direct download link below.

As I said, anyone can go download the recipes collection and not pay a penny for it and I will never know. Some are in the same financial bind we are (and maybe worse), and I totally understand that.  That said, I am posting this special offer in hopes that, if able, you will send what you want or think it’s worth. Either way, you are more than welcome to download the recipe books.  🙂

Pay me what you think it’s worth at:

See the recipe books in this huge package at:

Direct download link:

Totally Recipes – Over 8,000 Recipes Ebook Collection is an absolutely MASSIVE collection of 45 cooking and recipe ebooks, with over 8,000 delicious recipes. Each of these books sell for $17 to $39 each but you can get the  ENTIRE recipe collection at a HUGE savings!  You’ll have  thousands and thousands  of mouthwatering, yummy, delicious recipes, for any occasion! Whether you want to cook up a romantic dinner for two, cater for business, plan a party, or make a meal for the family….these cookbooks have what you want! Click to order this HUGE package now! Upon payment, you’ll be able to instantly download your cookbooks, no matter what time it is!



Nutrisystem – Get 40% Plus 1 Week of Free Food

For a limited time, Nutrisystem is giving 40% off every order, plus you get one week of free food.

Losing weight is something most of us need and want off and on during our lives. What we don’t want is to give up taste when it comes to food. We don’t want to be hungry. We don’t want to spend a load of money of special food, only to find out we don’t like it, it has no taste, or it’s not working to help us lose weight.

That’s the joy of Nutrisystem! You won’t be hungry. The food is healthy AND it’s good! To make it even sweeter, right now they’re giving 40% off every order AND a week of free food! And if that’s not enough, there’s also free FedEx shipping! All of that just makes me want to say – WOW!

If you’ve been wanting to lose weight, now’s the perfect time to start! Click here now to see the meal plan just for you.

Remember, the 40% off and one week of free food is only for a limited time. So if you’ve been wanting to lose weight and feel more healthy, now’s the time to act. Do something for yourself! Give yourself the gift of healthy eating, the gift of weight loss, the gift of feeling better!



$3 off Bumble Bee SuperFresh Coupon

by Home Heart Strings

$3 off Bumble Bee SuperFresh Coupon

Click the banner below to print your $3 off printable coupon for Bumble Bee SuperFresh.

Available for Arizona, District Of Columbia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. S. Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Wisconson, El Paso (TX).


$3 off Printable Coupon for Bumble Bee SuperFresh®

Print your $3 off coupon. Be among the first to receive special offers and the latest news about Bumble Bee SuperFresh®.

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Albertson’s (select regions)
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