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This is one that I truly hate to see close but in a week, it’s closing in a week to new members. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

If you have a health and wellness type blog, or if you’ve wanted to start one, this is your chance to grab a ton of content to use as blog posts, ebooks, reports, and more. Plus you get all future content.

Jennifer is closing her Health & Wellness PLR Lifetime Membership to new members and is having a discount sale for those that want to grab a membership before she closes it.

Grabbing a Lifetime Membership to Jennifer’s Health & Wellness PLR allows members access to all current PLR content along with access to all her future PLR content, including full-content funnels, on a ton of topics related to health and wellness.

What you get with a Lifetime Membership:

1. Access to everything in the store, plus everything that will be added to the store – currently over 90 PLR packs, reports, and bundles in the store.
2. Instant access to the 2 to 3 packs and bundles uploaded on a weekly basis.
3. Access to the full content funnels, which are done a minimum of two times a month, valued at about $30 to $50 each.
4. A current savings of $1,000, plus a projected savings of $2,500+ per year of the membership.

The Health & Wellness PLR store offers various health and wellness PLR and provides high-quality PLR content about medical topics, natural health, and mental health.

Just some of the topics you’ll find:

1. Anxiety, Stress, Depression
2. Kids and Family Health PLR
3. Diet and Nutrition
4. Exercise and Fitness
5. Specific Diets like Paleo, Keto, Clean Eating, and Low-Carb
6. Natural Health Topics Like Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Reiki, Herbs, Dry Skin Brushing, and Honey for Health
7. Medical PLR like Thyroid, Gluten-Free, Diabetes, and Senior Health

The Lifetime Membership is being offered at just $347, which is a $150 savings. The Lifetime Membership sale is only available for one week and after that it won’t be available – so this is your only chance to grab it.

Remember, grabbing this membership will give you access to a load of health and wellness type PLR content that you can use for your blogs, ebooks, reports, articles, auto-responders, list building, etc. Put your name on it, sell it, make money, etc.

You can save yourself a lot of money and make money at the same time AND get all the health and wellness PLR content you could possibly ever need with this deal. Go, grab it now, get your spot – before it’s closed and closed to new members!

Click here to grab your membership now.




Free Diabetes Awareness Wristband

by Home Heart Strings

Support Diabetes Awareness – Free Wristband

If you or a loved one has diabetes, grab this free wristband and show your support for diabetes awareness. It’s also handy to have to help show you or a loved one is diabetic. And it’s free! Grab yours now!

Show your Support for Diabetes Awareness with this free wristband.

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For a limited time, Nutrisystem is giving 40% off every order, plus you get one week of free food.

Losing weight is something most of us need and want off and on during our lives. What we don’t want is to give up taste when it comes to food. We don’t want to be hungry. We don’t want to spend a load of money of special food, only to find out we don’t like it, it has no taste, or it’s not working to help us lose weight.

That’s the joy of Nutrisystem! You won’t be hungry. The food is healthy AND it’s good! To make it even sweeter, right now they’re giving 40% off every order AND a week of free food! And if that’s not enough, there’s also free FedEx shipping! All of that just makes me want to say – WOW!

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Remember, the 40% off and one week of free food is only for a limited time. So if you’ve been wanting to lose weight and feel more healthy, now’s the time to act. Do something for yourself! Give yourself the gift of healthy eating, the gift of weight loss, the gift of feeling better!



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Free Diabetic Recipes and Free Mini Glucose Meter