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by Home Heart Strings

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5 Tips for Removing Pet Odors

by Home Heart Strings

With so many products on the market that are designed to remove pet odors, it is really easy to become confused about the entire process. For the average person it is really easy to find yourself buying a bevy of products that you do not need, while overlooking the simple things that you could be doing to control pet odors. For the typical person, it is not so much the amount of money that is spent on pet odor cleaners, but rather the types of products and cleaners that are used.

You should keep a kit of supplies in your home to quickly treat any and all pet odors. This should include at a minimum dish detergent, hydrogen peroxide, borax, vinegar and also baking soda. These are some standard household supplies that most people have on hand which can be used to effectively neutralize most pet odors quickly and without a large amount of effort.

Consider obtaining an air purifier for your home as well. This is useful not just to remove any pet odors that might be lurking but it can also help you to remove things such as dust, pollen, and even pet dander. These are all things that can contribute to the odors in your home, and can create some significant allergy problems, as well as aggravate asthma for those who suffer from it.

Look into a good pet vacuum cleaner also, this will allow you to remove from the carpet and rugs any pet hair as well as some of the odors. These can help you to remove odors quickly and easily without significant effort just while you are vacuuming your home. Because of the fact that these specially designed vacuums remove pet hair so well, they are also useful for controlling allergies also. However, you need to shop around for the best model possible so that you can be certain you will achieve a good result.

Another useful suggestion to follow is to make certain that you are keeping your pet on a steady potty schedule. If your pet is not able to go outside on a regular basis, you will quickly find that the incidence of accidents is much higher than it really needs to be. However, this is not something that is a guarantee, but rather only applies if you have a dog. If you have a cat, you need to make certain that the litter box is kept clean and fresh.

Other additional steps that you can take to combat the odor is using air fresheners around your home that actually absorb odors. Products such as Febreeze are excellent in this respect since they only emit a slight odor and do more to neutralized the odors that most typical air fresheners do. If all you are doing is simply masking the odors you will make it much worse due to the fact that eventually you will have a very difficult time working out exactly when the odor is removed, and what smells worse, the abundance of air freshener or the pet odor itself. By using only an air freshener that will neutralize the smell, you will freshen your home, without adding a huge abundance of air fresheners that could ultimately worsen the odor in your home. This could allow you to really enjoy the benefits of careful usage of air freshener as well as still ensure that your home smells wonderful.

It is extremely important that you take the time to properly learn the cleaning techniques that will be needed in order to ensure that you are on your way towards success. Careful usage of the right techniques will be very helpful as you work towards getting your home back into order and all of the odors removed. With proper care to ensure that you are moving in the right direction you will find that it is very easy to get everything under control and still have time to actually enjoy your pet.




Get Rid of Pet Odors

by Home Heart Strings

Get Rid of Pet Odors

For the majority of pet owners getting a firm grasp on the odors that are lurking around your home can be very difficult. It is important that you follow some basic rules and ideas though before you start venturing off to really see what you can do about the odors, and make certain that you follow the correct procedures the first time, rather than end up cleaning the areas multiple times and continuously frustrating yourself.

The very first step that you might need to consider if you are fighting some seriously strong stains and odors is the need to call upon a professional. Using the skills, resources and cleaners that a professional can offer you is one of the best ways that you can possibly think of getting all of the pet odors removed from your home. This can be a bit expensive though, and is not a solution that is designed or intended for everyone. However, for those who simply do not have the time necessary to stay on top of the pet odors that are in your home the cost can be small enough to be quite suitable.

If you have a great amount of time, you can of course work on treating the pet odors yourself, but it is extremely important that you start with the right cleaners before you begin. Without having the right cleaners you will find that you are doing nothing more than just masking the odors, and are not actually removing the odors, nor getting rid of all of the stains that are caused by pet problems as well.

Even the most well behaved pet in the house can still contribute to pet odors. This is often due to the fact that when they are excited, they will still have a small accident, because this occurs, you can have pet odors in your home and not even realize it. Especially considering most people become accustomed to the smell quite quickly. If there are any doubts about whether the odors actually exist in your home, asking someone who does not live in your home whom you trust can be a great help. Because the person does not live in your home, they are not accustomed to the odor, and will typically notice it very quickly upon entering your home.

However, there are still times when pet odors are not very strong, and this is of course the very best time to work on eliminating the odors before they are noticeable to others. Without proper attention paid to the odors, you will discover that over time they become stronger, since the enzymes are not properly cleaned, but rather are allowed to sit and continue to spoil the area. With some careful cleaning the odors can be removed before they ever really begin, however this will require dedication on your part, and should never be overlooked once the odors begin to first become noticeable.

As a pet owner, it is very important that you look for ways to remove the odors without harming your pet as well. This is extremely important since it can be a huge disaster when you do start to actually remove the odors and start cleaning. If you are unsure how to begin, you should seek out the help and advice of someone who has actually had experience in such situations before. This would allow you to quickly and easily determine if you are making the right decisions, or if you are using incorrect cleaning methods.

Regardless of the cleaning process that you choose to use, acting quickly to neutralize the odors rather than allowing them to persist is very important. By taking the time to carefully review all of the odors that are plausible, you will be able to remove them quickly as well as ensure that you are not encouraging your pet to continue creating pet odors intentionally.




Winter Weather Safety for Pets

by Home Heart Strings

winter pet careMany people worry about their pets during the hot summer months. Rightfully so; the hot summer temperatures can be deadly to pets. However, the winter months can be just as dangerous. The following winter weather safety tips will help you keep your pets safe and healthy this winter.

#1 Keep Your Cats and Dogs Inside

Cats love to snuggle up in warm places when they’re allowed outside. This often means they find the wheel well or hood of a car. An unsuspecting car owner can kill a cat with the turn of their ignition key. And the sub-zero temperatures can cause small animals to become hypothermic quickly. Make sure all pets have a warm and safe place to get in from the elements during the cold winter months.

#2 Don’t Let Your Dog Off Leash

Every year dogs get away from their owners. They wander out onto ponds with thin ice and fall in. And because the cold weather masks their scent, the APSCA reports that more dogs get lost during the winter than any other season.

#3 Winter Wear for Your Dog

Some dogs can benefit from outerwear. Dogs with short fur and an intolerance to cold can get extra protection from a winter coat. And many dogs’ pads are extremely sensitive. Booties can help keep snow and ice from getting packed in the hair on their feet and causing pain.

Veterinarians warn against putting a coat on your dog and letting it outside without supervision. Outerwear can become wet and tangled. And if the temperatures are particularly cold, the winter coat won’t offer as much protection ad you may like.

#4 Age Matters

Old dogs and young puppies cannot regulate their body temperature very well. It’s important that they don’t stay outside too long. Make sure to keep a close eye on your pet if they’re vulnerable.

#5 Put Away Household Chemicals

Antifreeze is deadly. Every year cats and dogs get into the garage. They’re drawn to the sweet scent of antifreeze. Just a few drops will kill a beloved pet. Keep your animals out of the garage and keep the chemicals up off the floor and put away.

#6 Skip the Groomers

Allow your pet’s hair to grow a little longer during the winter months. The extra hair will help keep them warm. Never shave your dog to its skin. Save those haircuts for the warm weather months.

#7 Beef Up the Protein

If you have an active pet, you may want to consider adding a bit more protein to their diet. The protein will help improve your pet’s coat. It can also boost their metabolism, which in turn increases their body temperature. They’ll feel warmer and have the same amount of energy.

Pets need specific care and attention all year long. Each season brings new challenges. This winter, take care of your pets and protect them from the cold, ice, and snow.